Daily Deal Affiliate Program and the Deal Current Network

We all know that the best deals are the key to running an effective deal program, but the challenge is that a large effective sales team is very expensive. At Deal Current we are helping our publishers and affiliates solve this problem. Deal Current now allows local media publishers and affiliates to share deals with each other and maintain ownership over their user base by leveraging the our Deal Sharing Network.

Local media publishers and affiliates are leveraging Deal Current software and our network for the following reasons:

  1. Publishers who are sharing their deals in the network are seeing a 20-56% increase in revenue
  2. Publishers who pull deals from the network are marketing twice as many offers and their monthly revenue is up over 15% on average
  3. Affiliate websites and websites without sales teams can now publish offers to their website with just the push of a button

Here is a brief overview of the network and please contact us for more info.

What is a Deal Network?

The Deal Current Network gives our clients the ability to share and promote deals with other publishers in their local or national market. Some publishers have great deals but need help with distribution, while others have plenty of traffic but need help with sales. Our goal is to provide a solution for both! The network will allow you to run more deals and achieve greater sales on the deals you bring into your program. Deal sharing is optional, but highly recommended. If a merchant authorizes the sale of 300 vouchers for a deal and your website only sells 100, wouldn’t you prefer to have the network help sell the other 200 and increase your revenue?


You make a contract with a local merchant to sell deals both on your website and on the Network for a given period of time. We recommend you ask the merchant to let you promote the deal for at least 14 days.


Enter the deal into the Deal Current Admin. On the scheduling page you can add a Network start and end date. You may schedule the deal to run on your site exclusively for a period of time, then open the deal up to other publishers.


When you select the Network dates, you will also set the Network commission rate. This is the percentage of the deal you are willing to pay to other publishers to promote your deal.


Once your deal is scheduled it will show up in “Network Deals.”


Other Deal Current clients can now schedule your deals. You and the merchant will receive payment for each deal sold. Remember you can schedule other publisher’s deals as well.


Check your Commission Report to see Network Commissions on deals.

ATTRACT NEW MERCHANT by promoting your local Network

SHOW MORE DEALS on your website using network deals

ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS with diversified deals

SELL MORE deals & increase your profit


Running a deal in the Network is optional.


You choose the dates the deal is available on the Network. You can run the deal on your site first and then publish on the Network later, or overlap with other publishers starting the next


When you share a deal on the Network you choose how much you want to pay other publishers who sell that deal.


When other publishers run a deal from the Network, they can’t change any of the deal details, they only control the dates it runs on their own website.

In San Diego, we have several publishers. Some focus on certain areas of the city, others focus on unique demographics. All of them can work together to reach more customers. Even publishers in neighboring markets like Palm Springs and Los Angeles can pick up great San Diego deals and vice versa.

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